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Escape a supernova through an epic space battle!

    Chased by the blast wave of a cataclysmic explosion, you will have to create your own path across a massive space battlefield. Mastering your flight skill and your ship abilities are the keys to your survival!

    Nova Escape is a free-to-play game in which you control a spaceship across an endless world filled with deadly traps. Unlock multiple ships with unique abilities such as shield-protection, teleportation or missile burst that will help you get out of critical situations by dodging or destroying your enemies. Upgrade your ships to improve your chances of survival but careful: the further you go, the harder the challenge.

Will you succeed to escape?

Nova Escape is an epic space runner

  • Discover an innovative 360° flight control.
  • Navigate through a procedurally generated battlefield.
  • Enjoy stunning 2.5D graphics with an immersive audio environment.
  • Save your progress by reaching checkpoints.
  • Unlock unique ships with their own attributes and abilities.
  • Use powerful abilities to overcome obstacles.
  • Upgrade your ship to survive increasing difficulty.
A world is about to collapse… Don’t disappear with it!

Nova Escape is now available on Google Play.